Women’s Empowerment Group

£15 per meeting

Usually meeting the second Thursday in the month!  Email me to confirm the next date.

Leicester Stage Holiday Inn,
299 Leicester Road
LE18 1JW


Much of my work has been helping women reclaim the power in their lives – power they’ve given away to family, expectations, roles, health, obsolete attitudes, and hidden subconscious limitations.   The Empowerment Group was formed in 2015 to enable women from all backgrounds to realise their potential in life.

The truth is that we all deserve to have freedom, empowerment and opportunity in our lives, and in this country this freedom is enshrined in law for all.  When we clear the blocks which make us believe we can’t do something, suddenly things become possible and our lives shift.

Whenever people come together with a common intention, the energies are magnified enormously. My intention for our group is for us to harness the enormous power of our hearts to heal both ourselves and the world around us.  Is this too ambitious?  I don’t think so!

In our meetings, we use powerful healing techniques and energies to heal our hearts, and consequently our lives.  This will mean clearing our blocks and limiting beliefs, repairing and healing trauma and pain, reclaiming our authentic power in all aspects of our lives and unplugging ourselves from group conscious energies of fear and limitation.  At the same time, we will hopefully have a lot of fun, and make some wonderful friends.

Each meeting, we look at a particular issue, and we discuss where the common blocks and limitations come from.  There is then some time to explore this subject within the group and for you to see how this issue has manifested in your life.  Then I do group healings to make tangible changes and clear these blocks, allowing everyone to move into a more positive energy.

It’s really important to understand that by healing yourself, you help those around you to heal as well. When you raise your vibration to one of love and light, this changes the group consciousness and helps the world shift from fear to love.  The more people step up to do this, the more love and hope we will be bringing into the planet.

I really believe that this is the time for us all to join our light together to really make a difference.

There is plenty of free parking at the hotel.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced healer, a healing client already on the path to change, or someone who is interested and wants to give it a go.  It doesn’t matter if you’re going through a life-crisis, or whether things are going great for you at the moment.  You will all be contributing something unique and valuable to our group energy and the healing we can do together.  Contact me if you’d like to come.