Romantic Relationships Activations Package

So many people struggle with finding their True Love, their Soul Mate or their Life-Partner.  The trouble is that the pain, trauma, resentment, grudges, and incomplete lessons from our past relationships sit there and sabotage the new.  Limiting beliefs around sex, love and intimacy can get in the way. Issues we have with our parents can undermine us.   I have put this package of Sacred Activations together specifically to clear these issues and to help you put out the right energy to the universe to attract your true love into your life.  While there can be no guarantees, every bit of sabotage you clear from your energy will make it more likely that you will find love.

Make sure that you have done the first three free activations first before doing these.
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This Sacred Activations in this package are worth £176.

Package price £88


The Sacred Activations are £22 each, if you wish to purchase an individual recording, please email me.

You will receive the following activation recordings:

RELEASE YOUR EX’S ENERGY:  This activation clears the patterns, anger, resentment, hurt and grudges on a conscious and unconscious level that you’re still tied into from your previous relationships.  It helps you stop projecting the past onto the present, and helps you stop sabotaging your new relationship because of what happened last time.

FAMILY CONSTELLATION:  The Family Constellation Activation is an amazingly powerful activation.  It clears your anger, judgment, guilt, and hatred toward your family.  It gives you a true knowing of what a family’s love feels like.  After this activations, amazing shifts in family relationships and dynamics can occur.

I AM WORTHY:  This activation clears the deep-seated beliefs that we aren’t worthy or deserving enough to receive love and abundance in our lives.  While we feel we don’t deserve it we won’t allow ourselves to receive.

SACRED SEXUALITY:  The Sacred Sexuality activation brings two souls together to create love by merging their energies, bringing them to a higher level of understanding and love for one another. The inherent quality of this activation binds you with the knowledge of the ecstasy of the Creator’s love for you and all of humanity. Upon receiving this activation, it is advised that you enter a monogamous relationship, because of the bonds that will be created. This activation is not for those seeking an intense sexual experience.  If you’re single and have self-love, this will also help you call in the right “soul mate” as the essence of love within you will be heightened.  Don’t be surprised if you begin to attract many suitors. Just remember to take your time getting to know them and make sure they are for your highest and best good before engaging in love-making with anyone.

SOUL MATE:  The Soul Mate Activation clears beliefs, judgments, trauma and betrayal with your soul mates over all life-times. It opens you to receive the right soul mate free of fear of the future with him or her.  It also clears the Collective Consciousness, the religious beliefs and genetic beliefs about relationships with a soul mate. We have many soul mates, and this will allow y

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE RECONNECTION:  The Unconditional Love Reconnection Activation plugs you into the unconditional love grid system around Mother Earth. It is truly amazing to be in unconditional love, which means without judgment of self or others. The goal here is to reduce the fear and suffering grid system to the size of a pea and expand the unconditional love grid system to size of a watermelon.  When this happens, the wars on this planet will cease; we will be able to work together, knowing that we are all connected to this amazing energy and finally love each other.

YIN AND YANG:  The Yin and Yang Activation balances and aligns your male and female energies.  I have seen many women who have tapped mostly into their male energy, trying to make a living and be “the man of the house.”  Perhaps they did this to succeed in a male-dominated career.  Some of these women took over because their husbands were tapped into much a more female energy. This activation allows us to play balanced roles of male and female in this lifetime, without having to over-compensate either energy. For the man, this also allows him to be in balance, and open to receive without having to conquer.

RELEASE OF SEXUAL JUDGEMENT:  This is a big subject!!  This activation clears all the judgement around sex, both about yourself and others.  This includes judgement around having to be married, numbers of partners, using contraception, sexuality, religious judgements on sex, prostitutes and those who visit prostitutes.  It clears judgements on having sex with people of different religions, caste, nationality, race, social status.  It also clears the trauma, resentment and anger around these subjects.